Covid-19 //

We understand that this is a concerning time for patients, their carers/relatives, and the wider public. At Mobile Medical Cover Ltd we understand these concerns and wish to reassure our service users that we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Below are some frequently asked questions.

What actions are you taking to keep service users safe?

We have increased the frequency of cleaning across our fleet to include more regular deep cleaning and enhancing the level of daily cleans.

Our staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment during all patient contact to help prevent transmission. 

I am a patient transport service user, will I have to share transport with someone who has COVID-19?

No, we will not transport anyone who is confirmed, or suspected to have, COVID-19 with others who are not. The vehicle will be comprehensively cleaned following the transportation of anyone who is confirmed, or suspected to have, COVID-19.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, in accordance with government guidance and applicable legislation we require you to wear a face covering if you are a service user on our Patient Transport Services, unless you are medically exempted as per government guidance.

I am nervous about using patient transport and going to hospital in general, what should I do?

We strongly advise that you should continue to use transport services and attend your appointments as usual unless the Health Care Professional responsible for your care has advised otherwise. We are taking all necessary precautions to reduce the risk to you and others. We use specialist cleaning products that are designed to destroy COVID-19 and other harmful micro-organisms to keep our fleet clean.